Casino gambling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment that evokes various images with a mere thought of the tables, machines, and the fortune. But of them all, the first name that pops up in our head would be of Las Vegas. The city of wonderful gambling opportunities is offering a wide range of games to venture into for big wins. People travel long distances to be in Sin City, and the luxury transpires into the most exciting form when the dance and the booze start setting the stage ablaze.

If you have also dreamt of playing a game of slots or poker in Vegas, you are only a few steps away from making it come true. All you need to do is book a ticket, take a ride to the casino, and pay for the session to start gambling. Multiple games are offered in all the casinos, making it hard for people to choose the best from the long row of establishments. Let us look at some of the best casinos in Las Vegas.

1.      Caesars Palace


The 15,580-square-foot corner of the gaming floor infuses the halls with great styles and gambling experiences. Though the casino offers several games, it is known for the sportsbook that sustains as the paradise for sports lovers. A 138-foot LED video wall and six oversized 12.5-inch plasma screens contribute to making the games more exciting. Dozens of sporting events are held in the sportsbook; the configuration has been programmed in such a way that every player gets to bet on many sports at the same time. More luxurious additions such as the 140 chairs and a bar have made Caesars a special Vegas casino.

2.      ARIA

Best Casinos

For those who are looking for an engaging game of slots, ARIA is the place for you. The casino not only has one of the largest slot-machine floors in Las Vegas but also has an exclusive high-limit slot room, which has machines costing up to $5,000 for every pull. ARIA has separate areas for the exchange of slot tickets and dining. You can make use of all these features when you are in the casino to make the night more memorable. Around 2,000 slots are offered in the resort, and the floor also has some of the current blockbusters, such as Wheel of Fortune and Anchorman.

3.      Bellagio

Poker tables have been designed and arranged just for you, offering players the best gaming experience in Las Vegas. No other casino in the city has such splendid poker gaming options. Though almost all casinos have dedicated poker rooms, the ones at Bellagio remain the favorite of most gamblers. Around 40 tables are offered in total in the cavernous space near the sportsbook. You have easy access to drinks and food from the poker rooms. A late-night game at Bobby’s Room may eat up huge amounts from your account but could also pay out handsomely.